My Stocks 2 – iPhone and iPad app



icon170x170 My Stocks 2 is a stock market and portfolio tracking utility for Australian (ASX), New Zealand, US, London (including those valued in pence), German, Indian and Hong Kong stock exchanges or any yahoo supported stock exchange. It allows you to input the initial cost and number of shares, including fees so you an track the value of your stocks, including profit and losses. You also have the ability to organise your stocks into separate portfolios. For example you can have one for stocks in the US and another for stocks in Australia. You can rename the portfolios so you know which is which and use a separate currency for each portfolio, such as $ or €. Graphs of price history for individual stocks are also available, from 1 day up to 5 years. Universal App with both iPhone and iPad support, so you get two apps for the price of one! Supports Retina display too.

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– Support for multiple portfolios, with custom name and currency.
– Support for multiple instances of the same stock – just add the symbol as another stock item.
– Support for user selected currency symbol for currencies that do not use “$”.
– Pie chart graph giving you a visual breakdown of your portfolio value.
– Ability to add any stock exchange supported by yahoo. US (NYSE/NASDAQ) , German, Australian (ASX), London, Bombay and Hong Kong stock exchanges are supported directly through selection. To use another stock exchange you just need to know the yahoo extension.
– Graphs of stock price history (press on a stock to view details, then rotate device to landscape to view graph in full screen)

Latest pricing data comes from and copyright and may be delayed 20 minutes.


Simply press the “+” button to add a stock, then once added touch a stock in the list to edit number of shares and cost (Note: your device must be rotated in the portrait orientation or you will only see the pricing graph).

To add multiple portfolios simply click the folder icon on the bottom left of screen. To edit a portfolios name and currency, press the arrow button to the right of the portfolio name. To switch between portfolios, press the folder icon and press on up the portfolio you wish to view. Add stocks to the portfolio as above.

You can also change the default currency in the iPhones settings page under “My Stocks 2″, this will be set to $ when you first install the app.

Note for London based stocks Yahoo uses both pounds and pence, but does not indicate which is being used. Most are in pounds. If the stock is valued in pence, simply switch the “Convert feed from pence to pounds?” option to on in the stocks details to covert the feed into pounds. Calculations assume your initial pricing info is entered in pounds.

To view graphs, touch a stock in the portfolio list and rotate to landscape mode to view graph in fullscreen.

Please email support if you have issues as we can not respond via the AppStore review system. Please follow above instructions to solve most common issues.